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For a first animation I was really impressed. When I see author comments like Muh furst aneemashun evah!!! I don't expect much. You've improved a lot. Good timing in with the hat monster.


I liked the melting clock in the credits. The whole time I was watching this I was thinking "This is like a Salvador Dali painting." You characterization of the corkscrews were pretty inventive. You could probably take it a little further. Make the whole land scape out of corkscrews. You could use different looking ones or close ups on just part of it. That would be neat.

Very good, only a few suggestions

I really like your character development here. And it has a nice payoff in the end. Your animation is pretty good. I would try and set up you shots from a variety of angles though. (from above, from below, wide shots, etc) Most of your shots are straight on which makes the framing a little boring. Probably too late to change those now but something to keep in mind for you next film. You could make add a couple shots showing him actually folding paper. for example, instead of looking at his face when he makes the dolphin or whatever it is, show a close up of his hands. Animating hands doing origami will really test your animation skillz but you can do it! Also adding in some more environmental noises might bring it to life a bit more. Offices are usually pretty quiet I'm guessing but maybe have like a phone ring in the background just to make the space feel a little more full. Good luck with the film festival. I think you've got a good chance. Your story is something people can relate to.

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Thanks for the cookie.

That was indeed a great game. If you make another one you should change the direction in which the ball falls. THat would throw players off quite alot I think.

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One good game.

I didn't really have to much trouble until level 16. By stick with it and it is beatable. Good job on this one, I'll be playing it for a while.

pretty cool

the best part is the music. you move kinda slow so its real hard to beat the "bad guy" dot or whatever.

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Thats what makes it fun, thanks for the good review!

I'm a professional animator/illustator/ jedi. I like to tell stories people can relate to with my art.

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